Puzzles We Love—for the People You Love - Ordinary Habit

Puzzles We Love—for the People You Love

Here are a few things we love: A light dusting of snow on the window pane. The hiss of the radiator alerting us of a change in season. The faint itch that comes after wearing our favorite wool sweaters for too long. The first sip of hot coffee in the morning. The rhythmic beating of our hearts in our chests. The way it intensifies when we care for our others—when we care for ourselves.

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Game Night with Ordinary Habit - Ordinary Habit

Game Night with Ordinary Habit

Do you hear that? It's the faint sound of children laughing, the chime of champagne flutes mid-toast, the rustle of wrapping paper coming undone. It's easy to let these ordinary moments pass us by. But if we slow down and listen closely, they can ignite the senses—and inspire a feeling of nostalgia—especially during the holidays.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2021 - Ordinary Habit

Holiday Gift Guide 2021

This holiday season, we're building on our mission by giving you even more ways to engage in artful, everyday play—together, at last. Enter the Ordinary Habit Marketplace, which features a curated selection of brands that we know and love.

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