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Ash + Ruin was founded by one of our dearest friends, and launched earlier this year. Creating candles with deep, luscious scents, they immediately transport you into far away lands, or deep into the forest. Gently scenting a room, they’ve become one of our staples at home, casting calm flickering light, and creating just the right mood. The witty descriptions will have you at first read, plus, we all have our dark side...

Lost Forest
Young Spruce, Fir, Wood Smoke

A powerfully aromatic journey through a smoldering evergreen forest. You’ll smell an amalgam of arboreal heavy-hitters: young cedar, balsam fir, cypress, and blue spruce, haunted by a lingering base of woodsmoke.

A superb match for insufferable literalists, effete bohemians, and botanists.

The Void
Resinous Amber, Leather, Light and Dark Musk

An all-consuming and enveloping honeyed musk that lingers for hours. You’ll smell a brief flash of ozone, then layers of earthy warmth, leather, crushed cloves, and warm wood.

Well suited for compulsive romantics, sapiosexuals, and lovable reprobates.

Dark Altar
Palo Santo, Saffron, Dry Sandalwood

A buttery and potent ode to the sacred and profane. You’ll smell a furious burst of saffron and cedar, followed by a long-lasting palo santo smoke wrapped around frankincense and patchouli.

Best for sacerdotal aesthetes, Brooklyn dilettantes, and moral relativists.


Phthalate-free fragrances blended to burn cleanly and beautifully, alone or paired with one another. Crafted by hand and poured in small batches, using coconut and soy waxes with braided cotton wicks.