The Spring Puzzle Collection

Launching in time for spring, we put together a collection of cheerful puzzles to bring joy into your day. With two mini 100 piece and two 1000 piece puzzles, there’s something for everyone – from a disco tea by Joanna Rosado and lounging ladies by Lucila Perini, to a peaceful afternoon at home by Patti Blau and a perfect poodle park day by Bodil Jane.


Our Latest Matching Cards

From the bright and beautiful world of Elana Gabrielle comes A Summer Garden. A joyful collection of memory cards – 18 pairs featuring a summer bounty of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and herbs ready to bring a smile to your face and a workout to your brain. A fast and simple game suitable for all ages, for solo play or with a group of friends.


For Now: A Journal for Ordinary Moments

Introducing – For Now: A Journal for Ordinary Moments. A new tool to encourage slowing down with writing prompts, and space to daydream.

At Ordinary Habit, we believe in making space for daily rituals. The introduction of our first-ever journal is a natural progression of this mission. Within these pages, you'll find original writing prompts that can be completed at any time and in any order.

From answering questions to making lists to leisurely doodling, we hope this guided journal encourages you to pause, reset, and reconnect with the world around you. So on that note, settle into your favorite writing spot. Take a deep breath. Look around you. 

What will you notice next?


Pieces for the Senses

It’s important to find time for tactility in an increasingly digital way of life. That’s why we’ve considered every detail to give maximum sensory delight: pieces that are pleasingly shaped, soft to the touch, made of the highest quality, and with surfaces that are free of glare in any type of light.


For Anytime, Anywhere

We believe that mindfulness can be found on any flat surface. Our products are designed to brighten any space and be taken anyplace – perfect for a playful reset at any moment in your day. We’ve also made sure that, when playtime is over, your puzzle looks right at home on your bookshelf or coffee table.