We Wish You Well: Our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide - Ordinary Habit

We Wish You Well: Our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide

We Wish You Well: Our 2023 Holiday Gift Guide - Ordinary Habit

The holidays are here once more. Breathe in the scent of cinnamon and exhale any tension. Be calmed by the flickering candle on the mantle or the twinkling lights in the distance. Indulge in a cup of hot chocolate or fond memories of time spent with loved ones. Settle your mind and feel your heart race with excitement.

While we can always count on this season to lift our spirits, we also recognize the gravity of the current moment. In an age of divide and distraction, we've made it our business to create goods that help others reset and reconnect with the world around them. From our mainstay puzzle assortment to newer tools like our guided journal, we believe in the power of great design to foster more mindful living.

That said, we understand that well-being looks (and feels) different for everyone. "I used to think of well-being as needing a lot of time and the perfect conditions," our co-founder Echo shared. "Now I've realized that little things you can do consistently are so much more attainable. Waking up a bit earlier each day so that I can read or journal versus trying to plan bigger swaths of time off for my mental health has helped so much more in the long run."

As Echo's story shows us, a mindfulness habit can begin at any point in time. Our annual gift guide pays homage to this idea. Discover our curation below—and from all of us at Ordinary Habit, we wish you well this holiday season and beyond

For Now Journal holiday gift ideas


In a world that asks us to move fast, the most nourishing thing we can do is slow down and take note of our lives. We have the perfect gift in mind for those looking to soothe their hearts—and minds.


For Now Journal at Ordinary Habit


For Now Journal

Give the gift of care with our design-forward guided journal. Available in three quiet colors, For Now is a quintessential tool that inspires mindfulness and attention to the present moment. Complete with 50+ original prompts, there's boundless opportunity for reflection. In other words, For Now is a gift for the season—and a companion forever.



Be honest... When was the last time you sent a letter instead of a text message? Joined a gathering instead of a group chat? There's no question that screentime is an ordinary part of life now, but this holiday season, give a gift that inspires new (read: analog!) habits—like puzzling.


Ice Skating on the Canal Puzzle gift idea

 Ice Skating on the Canal by Rachel Victoria Hillis

What's 1,000 pieces and provides infinite opportunities for joy? Ice Skating on the Canal, that's what! Rendered in a cool, snowy palette, this enchanting puzzle is perfect for the giftee who delights in the details—and appreciates all the ordinary beauties of a winter day.


 Royal Mansour by Joanne Hendrickx

Even if the weather outside is frightful, stop scrolling and start puzzling your way to brighter days. Royal Mansour is the perfect gift for those excited about a getaway closer to home. Here, we even wrote the (post)card: Only 100 pieces to go (and about 100 more days to spring)!


 Christmas Bundle

We said it once, and we'll say it again: Less might be more, but the holiday season always calls for more fun. Our Christmas Bundle is a surefire way to keep the days merry and bright. Piece together puzzles in various sizes and enjoy stunning artwork from Lida Ziruffo, Tanu Vasu, and Ilenia Zito. Talk about a bundle of joy!



It's the most wonderful time of the year—it's also a time to start thinking about New Year's resolutions. Whether your giftees are making good on an old promise or looking for a new hobby, a learning habit has never been easier to start with these family-friendly picks.


 Feline Friends Matching Cards by Holley Jolley

With 27 pairs of friendly felines, this memory card deck takes leisurely learning to a new (and more adorable) level. Pop it in your suitcase or place it under the tree—Feline Friends by Holley Jolley is easily packable and enjoyed by all ages.


Summer Garden Bundle with Matching Cards + Tea Towel by Elana Gabrielle

It's summer somewhere, right? No matter the season, the Summer Garden Bundle is a match made in heaven for the host/hostess in your life. It also checks the boxes in fun and functionality. Warm up your mind with a scintillating matching card deck, and tidy up after dinner with a lovely cotton tea towel. These little pleasures are made to last long after the holidays end.