An Ordinary Day in Atlanta with Madolyn Schultz - Ordinary Habit

An Ordinary Day in Atlanta with Madolyn Schultz

An Ordinary Day in Atlanta with Madolyn Schultz - Ordinary Habit

The most extraordinary moments often happen in ordinary places. Our new series, Ordinary Day, features our favorite tastemakers and the cities they call home. In the first installment, we hear from Madolyn Schultz, a fashion writer and creative professional based in Atlanta, Georgia.

It always makes us smile when Madolyn Schultz shares glimpses of her days. From candid family vignettes to outfit snapshots and more, it's clear that Schultz values the little moments in life—and where they unfold. Enter Atlanta, a city that (in Schultz’s opinion) is powerful and deserves to be understood.

Read on to meet Schultz, who shares her story and ordinary spring day in Atlanta.

Please introduce yourself! What ordinary habit best describes you at this point in your life?

Hi! My name is Madolyn. I'm a mother, a wife, the head of community and social for a bodycare brand, hanni, and a person who loves to get dressed, which I document on my Substack, crazy salad.

How would you describe your relationship with Atlanta? What aspects make it feel like home?

I've been in Atlanta for nearly 15 years now. It's raised me—from attending very bad punk shows in high school at the Masquerade and The Rocky Horror Picture Show screenings every Friday at the Plaza Theater to being the birthplace of my daughter. Atlanta is the city where I met my husband and best friends. I've [also] met so many mentors and brilliant women who have taken chances on me, allowing me to come into my own professionally.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of starting a family here?

I was nervous about having a child so far away from our immediate family, but I have never felt the burden of that. We have so many amazing friends we can call on who love Daisy so much. They show up and help us grocery shop, play with her if I have a last-minute call, or let my husband and I have a date night. I've met the most incredible people through becoming a parent—people I look up to as parents and people I constantly learn from. I feel so lucky.

What misconceptions about Atlanta would you like to dispel? What gives you hope when thinking about the city and its future?

I feel that Atlanta, especially politically, is such a powerful city: the history, the fight for change and growth, the passion, and the community. There's so much here. So many people have a preconceived notion about what the South is when there are so many amazing, brilliant people doing the legwork of fighting for systemic change. Atlanta's politics, people, and history deeply matter for the region and the nation.

Madolyn's Ordinary Spring Day in Atlanta

An ordinary spring sight, sound, or occurrence in Atlanta... Pollen! 🤧

An ordinary spring day (in Atlanta) begins with… [the] Freedom Park Farmers Market. 🌷

An ordinary spring day (in Atlanta) ends… outside on a porch with a cold glass of wine. 🍷

An ordinary coffee break takes place at… Superfika. ☕

An ordinary date night itinerary includes… Your Delkab Farmer's Market and Kimball House.

Some ordinary hidden gems include... Alon's Bakery and Queenie's Consignment. 🥖

A habit you'll only maintain in Atlanta... Going to Hawks games. 🏀

Something you miss whenever you leave Atlanta... Big Softie. 🍦

An ordinary place for relaxing and assembling a mini puzzle... Piedmont Park.

An ordinary place for sitting and writing in the For Now journal... a bench in Virginia Highlands. 🌳

A journaling prompt you'd like to give to the Ordinary Habit community... What makes you feel deeply?