A Peek Behind Our Newest Collection - Ordinary Habit

A Peek Behind Our Newest Collection

A Peek Behind Our Newest Collection - Ordinary Habit
Poodle Society Puzzle by Bodil Jane - Ordinary Habit

Poodle Society by Bodil Jane

This chic puzzle is perfect for all of the dog lovers out there. Take a mental stroll through the park, and delight in spotting the bounty of pooches in Poodle Society, our newest 1000 piece puzzle by Bodil Jane.

From Bodil: This piece was inspired by my obsession with poodles! I have a toy poodle myself: his name is Miso (bottom right). I also love spotting poodles in Amsterdam. Their owners take them everywhere — on the bike, in their backpacks, etc. I love how affectionate and playful they are. Also quite a handful, as they’re so smart! The fashion and bikes are inspired by Amsterdam, but a paradise version with palm trees, for a bit of fun.

Sunny Afternoon Puzzle by Patti Blau - Ordinary Habit

Sunny Afternoon by Patti Blau

Sunny Afternoon by Patti Blau sets a peaceful scene that we’d love to dive right into. A bountiful table, overflows with snacks, cake and colorful fruit. Watch this vivid interior come to life as you sort and put together this challenging 1000 piece puzzle.

From Patti: Sunny Afternoon depicts a serene moment, in a comfortable environment, filled with the things we love and enjoy. Peaceful and calm, a place to relax with family and friends, just before we enter the picture. I have always loved objects and interiors, studying the spaces we inhabit, and the way we decorate them. My drawings illustrate that passion. I like to create environments and fill them with furniture and objects. 

Water Lily Girls Puzzle by Lucila Perini - Ordinary Habit

Water Lily Girls by Lucila Perini

Dive right into Water Lily Girls and emerge into the jungle with its cool pooling and calming vibes. This snack sized 100 piece puzzle by Lucila Perini brings warmth and sassy energy into your space.

From Lucila: I imagined this piece while I was returning home from a museum where I had been contemplating Monet’s Water Lilies. I pictured myself there, blended into those colors and vegetation. It was summertime, and the heat was overwhelming. All I could think about was being surrounded by plants that would provide me with their freshness and protection. So, I attempted to represent this humid jungle and the gentle lilac and light blue touch of a water lily lake. 


Disco Tea Puzzle by Joanna Rosado - Ordinary Habit

Disco Tea by Joanna Rosado

Disco Tea – need we say more? At once both calming and bursting with energy, Joanna Rosado’s simultaneously shows two sides to our personalities – one side that loves staying at home, and the other that still likes to party. At 100 pieces, this puzzle is great for when you need to wake up your brain in the morning, or take a breather from work in the afternoon.

From Joanna: I’m a homebody, and I often choose an evening at home with those I love and with whom I can be truly myself over a crazy night out. This illustration symbolizes such a time – where I feel safe but at the same time I can show my crazy-disco side.