Ordinary Habit Questionnaire 01: Holly Jolley - Ordinary Habit

Ordinary Habit Questionnaire 01: Holly Jolley

Ordinary Habit Questionnaire 01: Holly Jolley - Ordinary Habit

In our newest series, we introduce Ordinary Habit’s version of the Proust Questionnaire. Started as a Victorian parlor game, Marcel Proust famously answered a series of questions in what was known as a Confession Book. There have been countless versions used by publications and interviewers. We thought we would continue this tradition, as a way for you to meet and get to know the artists we work with, and friends of the Ordinary Habit community.

Holly Jolley was one of the original artists we worked with for our debut launch collection. Since then, we’ve worked with her on multiple projects over the years from more puzzles to matching cards. We caught up with her after a recent trip to Italy, and learned about her favorite rules to break, and her ideal dinner menu.

What’s one thing we should know about you?

I am known to carry vegetables in my purse, bonus Holly Jolley is my real name.

What puts you in the mood to create?

Sitting still in a perfectly organized space after maniacally rearranging all furniture or throwing away my entire closet at 12 pm.

What’s your favorite rule or rule to break?

That you should only eat breakfast foods at breakfast, breakfast is a lifestyle and half my personality.

If you had to live in another place it would be…

For now, Rome.

A current cultural obsession?

Sylvanian drama

Ideal dinner venue or menu?

If in the mood for self-destruction, pasta with ragú followed by rich chocolate cake. If not, a single piece of perfectly buttered toast (must be Kerrygold butter).

Who’s joining?

This changes all the time, but right now, I'd go for poet Mary Oliver, Grace Coddington, and my feisty grandmother, all icons.

A few books for the coffee table?

Right this second I have David Hockney’s Love Life and a book on Collectors edition Aston Martin. I can't drive, but sure, some cars are nice.

What's the last thing you listened to?

Molly Nilsson!

First thing you’d grab in a fire?

My diary, paintings, and my small ballerina shoe collection because honestly, my feet are way too small to mess around.

What were you most grateful for when you woke up this morning?
Silk pillows, wifi, my body, the ability to fall madly in love.