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Family Habits with Angela Tafoya

Family Habits with Angela Tafoya - Ordinary Habit

Ordinary life is better together. Our new series, Family Habits, introduces creative parents and families, what they've learned about play, and their tips for appreciating the present moment with loved ones. In our first installment, we hear from Angela Tafoya of NOOMOON.

Angela Tafoya understands the importance of creating spaces that inspire play and connection. The San Francisco-based writer and editor has spearheaded lifestyle and interior reportage for publications including Lonny, Domino, Vogue, and more. Tafoya has also lent this creativity to NOOMOON, her style-centric, secondhand clothing shop for kids.

Naturally, Tafoya's days are busy, but home and family remain top of mind. In her words: "It's impossible for us to be present all the time.” Still, that hasn't stopped the multifaceted editor, entrepreneur, and mother from cultivating new and enduring family habits. Below, Tafoya unpacks how she stays present and shares what habits sustain her loved ones.

What is an ordinary habit that best describes you at this point in your life?

Right now, I'm fully in it with a 19-month-old toddler and my eight-year-old daughter, so my days are filled with seemingly mundane tasks like school drop-offs, pickups, meal planning, bath times—you get it. But, those tasks that are quite "ordinary" at a glance are actually pretty extraordinary to me because one day, the kids will be older, and life will look a lot different. While challenging sometimes, I know I will reflect on these times fondly. So, I try to sit with that when things are feeling so go, go, go and reflect upon what I have right now to be thankful for. So, the ordinary habit that would describe me right now is gratitude.

As a writer and editor, storytelling is inherent to what you do and who you are. With that said, let's talk about the narrative of "being present." As a mother, wife, and creative, what were you told about staying present, and what about the narrative do you want to change or expand upon?

I used to have this idea that to be fully "present," you needed to be some sort of a pro at meditation or have a dedicated practice. While that is certainly helpful, I also think it's about leaning into micro-moments and embracing them for what they are—even if they are short.

For example, one of the things I do to help ground me and keep me present when I'm feeling scattered is taking a few deep breaths to recenter or when I'm with my kids playing, acknowledging that for these 15 or whatever minutes, THIS is what I'm doing and to put the phone away and be there. Everything else can wait. It's impossible for us to be present all the time. But when we can, leaning into these moments—and knowing it's not always going to look perfect, but doing what you can here and there—feels like a nice place to start (and a victory) to me.

Be Brave journal entry from Angela Tafoya

Speaking of change and expansion, you recently opened NOOMOON. Tell us about the shop and how it's changed your perspective on family and play.

I opened the shop in the fall of last year with the intention of offering a more circular option to kids' clothing with a style-driven lens. I'm a big secondhand shopper for both myself and my kids and wanted to offer this in a way that challenged what people think of secondhand.

I wanted NOOMOON to feel playful, whimsical, and happy—for people to walk in and be surprised that it's all used clothing and know that by shopping here, they are making an intentional choice and positive impact on the planet. I wanted to invite families to experience the joy of this while also creating something engaging that ties in my love for design and fashion. It's been really fun!

Mother daughter playtime with puzzles

Above: Mother daughter playtime with puzzles and (almost ) matching FOR NOW journals.

In the spirit of NOOMOON's ethos, what cherished childhood ritual have you enjoyed passing down to your children?

We love playing games together. It's been really fun watching my daughter discover the childhood games I loved as a kid—like Battleship, Twister, or Scrabble. Also, I recently found all my old Spice Girls dolls in my parents' garage, and my daughter was obsessed with them—it brought me so much joy. I'm glad I didn't throw them out after all these years. If only I could find my Selena one!

Angela’s Family Habits

A habit that inspires your family's creativity: Nature

A habit your family taught you to build: Loyalty

A habit your family taught you to break: Complacency

A habit that makes you feel more present with your kids: Playtime

A habit you hope to cultivate together: Journaling

A puzzle you'd like to assemble with your family: We love going out and grabbing ramen on a rainy or chilly day. I was so excited when I saw the Ramen Lunch Puzzle by Petra Eriksson!

A journaling prompt you'd like to give to the Ordinary Habit community related to family, play, or presence: We do "rose, bud, and thorn" every night at the dinner table—basically going over the best and not-so-great parts of our day and what we're looking forward to for the next day. When I'm stuck journaling and need a straightforward prompt that helps root myself in gratitude, it's this one: recalling my rose, bud, and thorn of the day before.