Fall Habit Guide: Artist Cozy Rituals - Ordinary Habit

Fall Habit Guide: Artist Cozy Rituals

Fall Habit Guide: Artist Cozy Rituals - Ordinary Habit

Fall is a feeling. It's the warmth that fills your entire body after biting into a fresh pastry. It's the sounds of zippers closing on jackets and the wind whistling in the trees. It's the satisfaction of knowing you've made it to the end of another year. It's an enduring reminder to honor the little things that add value to your life.

At Ordinary Habit, we strive to celebrate these ideas all year round. Still, we can't help but treat this season as an invitation to think about how far we've come, where we're going next, and—perhaps most importantly—how we're getting there.

In the spirit of creating habits that help us live more intentionally, we've curated a guide to showcase all that autumn offers. Read on for insights from a few of our artist partners who share their seasonal rituals.



Given that nearly every aspect of our lives is optimized, it's comforting to know that fall is a season when nourishment is prioritized. This can look like rest to some, while others find meaning in making small strides toward a goal.

Holly Jolley adores autumn for this very reason. "It makes me feel grounded and productive, unlike lively and chaotic summers," she notes. "Like a small squirrel, I spend the seasonal change gathering supplies for the cold ahead, organizing my wardrobe, getting plenty of seeds and legumes for my pantry, and setting up dry flowers around the house.”

After setting up comes slowing down—and one particular habit always inspires calm for Jolley. “My favorite thing has to be the first warm bath of the season, with a cup of tea or a glass of wine and a book,” she continues. “I'm a bit obsessed with Mary Gaitskill and Deborah Levy these days and look forward to floating away to their words."


Ana Jaren is another artist who finds respite in a good story. "I love enjoying a cup of tea while reading a book—if it's raining, even better," she says. "I also love going for walks in the countryside because the colors at this time of the year are breathtakingly beautiful."

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With beauty comes reflection. Fall is the optimal time to notice how you're feeling and where you are in your life (figuratively and literally).


For Lida Ziruffo, the changing seasons and transitions can be emotionally challenging. "But I love autumn," she adds, "it's so inspiring to draw." In addition to reconnecting with the kitchen—specifically making tarts and cakes—Ziruffo credits being in nature as a beloved fall habit. "You can't miss walking in the woods. It’s full of cyclamens! Not to mention tidying up the garden and restoring some balance to the arrangement of the plants. These things are routine and quite banal but necessary for the soul."



Similarly, Ilenia Zito finds the season to be a refreshing balm. "Early in the morning, when it starts to get a little chilly, I like to go swimming at the gym in my city," she shares. "This is a panacea for my mind. It makes me wake up, and I can find creativity. I also like to make chestnuts at home and eat them in front of a nice TV series under a warm cover."

Tip: Bring the For Now journal on your next walk, or get lost in transportive puzzles like Magic Forest by La Jeanette and A Moment In Paradise by Sadhvi Konchada.



To Zito's last point, there's nothing better than cozying up as the temperatures begin to drop.

Admittedly, it's hard for our team to embrace the present moment when we know how much festivity is around the corner!

 Tanu Vasu understands this sentiment—and paints a lovely picture of what follows after the foliage. "I love decorating my tree super early, listening to holiday songs, and being overjoyed with the season and my year," she reflects. "I adore the wonderful display and spectacle that New York is during this time. I frequent the ballet and Radio City Music Hall alongside many quaint NYC evenings with friends in charming restaurants."

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