In Conversation: Frankie Penwill - Ordinary Habit

In Conversation: Frankie Penwill

In Conversation: Frankie Penwill - Ordinary Habit

Nature is a balm for Frankie Penwill — and it’s also a mainstay in her creative practice. Take one look at the London-based artist’s work, and you’ll notice a stunning array of foliage and florals. Composition aside, her palette—filled with burnt oranges, muted greens, and soft purples—soothes and surprises us time and time again. That said, you can imagine how thrilled we were to collaborate with Penwill on Vase of Flowers (one of the latest additions to Ordinary Habit’s ever-growing puzzle assortment). “Nature, flowers, and plants make me feel so calm,” Penwill shared when asked about her process. “Puzzles do the same. You get so lost and absorbed with what you’re doing, distracting you from the outside world and social media. I felt that creating a puzzle with florals would be the perfect combination.”

While springtime often beckons us toward the great outdoors, Penwill’s work invites us to slow down and notice small moments of beauty—inside and out.

Frankie Penwells's Vase of Flowers Puzzle

What have you noticed about your life these days?
Now that the mornings are lighter, I find myself starting to paint and be creative in the early hours of the day. It feels quieter and more peaceful.

Aside from your art, what is an ordinary habit that best captures who you are?
Listening to music. I first grab a coffee (of course!) and put on an album to start the day. Art and music are my favorite things—and the best way of switching off and giving a clear creative head!

How has illustrating plants and flowers deepened your relationship with the natural world?
Growing up in Devon, I have always been surrounded by green open spaces, the sea, and nature. It’s always been something I’ve been drawn to that makes me feel calm and content. Painting from a young age has inspired me to explore the outside world more. There is always something new to see and find!

What are you looking forward to this spring?
Brighter mornings, lighter evenings, tulips (my favorite flower), and the sun (of course). It creates a seize-the-day moment as soon as you open your eyes. This season, in particular, brings so much color, beautiful flowers, and green to the trees. The colors of spring are always so magical and mood-boosting!


What is your ideal spring puzzling environment? Outside with music playing and surrounded by beautiful nature.

What is your favorite spring habit or indulgence? Going for a walk on a sunny Saturday morning for a pastry and a fresh bouquet of flowers.

What is your go-to spring color palette? Warm tones like oranges, yellows, and reds!

What kinds of flowers will we find in your bouquet? Tulips, hydrangeas, peonies, and roses.