Seasonal Splendor: Our Latest Puzzles - Ordinary Habit

Seasonal Splendor: Our Latest Puzzles

Seasonal Splendor: Our Latest Puzzles - Ordinary Habit

If you ask us about our ideal puzzling environment, three words immediately come to mind: playful, bright, and cheerful. More specifically, "being in a bright, sunny room—ideally on a quiet weekend—with a cup of tea in hand, and no urgent plans for the day." (Our co-founders Echo and Teresa sure know how to live!) As it happens, these words also capture the spirit of our latest puzzle drop.

Season after season, we strive to create tools that instill calm and creativity. For us, it’s all about the details. Color and texture are prominent elements in our latest puzzles, and the artists we worked with each brought their distinct palettes and sensibilities to the table. "With so much new growth around us, we wanted to curate a super vibrant assortment," Echo explained. "Depending on when we're launching collections, we really try to convey the mood of whatever time of year we find ourselves in. We strove to highlight summer and spring's optimistic attitude as far as seasons go."

Aesthetics aside, there's always more than meets the eye regarding our products. As Echo puts it: "Like watching seasons pass, completing a puzzle also marks a passage of time in a way. It's nice that we can convey that message in our collections."

Spend a little time learning more about our newest puzzles below, and stay tuned as we unveil more about our featured artists.

A Fruity Bunch Puzzle by Ordinary Habit

A Fruity Bunch

"We've partnered with Manuja before and love her work so much. 'A Fruity Bunch' transports us right into a bustling summer market. This puzzle brings a smile to our faces with its vibrancy."— Echo and Teresa

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Patchwork of Happiness Puzzle by Himadri Pachori

Patchwork of Happiness

"Himadri's 'Patchwork of Happiness' is all in the name! This one is such a blast to put together section by section. It’s a departure from the other artwork we've done in the past."— Echo and Teresa

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Vase of Flowers Puzzle by Frankie Penwill

Vase of Flowers

"Frankie's 'Vase of Flowers' is beautiful in its simplicity but still retains a cheerful quality. If you want something a bit more difficult, this puzzle is the one for you."— Echo and Teresa

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