Mother’s Day with Casa de Suna - Ordinary Habit

Mother’s Day with Casa de Suna

Mother’s Day with Casa de Suna - Ordinary Habit

What makes a home filled with heart? Family, of course, but there is also something to be said about the rituals that keep loved ones together and engaged in the present moment. Our friends at Casa de Suna (which means “House of Daughters”) understand this sentiment.

Founded by Andrea Wells and her two daughters, Anna and Coco, Casa de Suna is a welcome refuge. From their homewares marketplace (which Ordinary Habit is proudly part of!) to lifestyle stories and delectable recipes, Casa de Suna’s curated offering inspires us to transform everyday moments into lasting memories.

As the saying goes, there’s no place like home. Below, the inspiring women behind Casa de Suna remind us why—and share a few Mother’s Day habits.

What ordinary habit best describes your identity or essence?

We're Andy, Anna, and Coco—a mother-daughters trio and the founders of the lifestyle platform and online shop Casa de Suna, a destination for all things lifestyle and entertaining, from cooking to decor and well beyond. The ordinary habit that best describes our essence? Being in the kitchen, preparing wonderful food for the people we love.

Describe your household growing up. What rituals brought you together?

We all have amazing memories of gathering and spending time together as a family in the kitchen. Our kitchen was always filled with fresh flowers, natural light, good stories, and, of course, the smell of something delicious baking or cooking. Growing up, Andy would make us afternoon treats like her signature spice cookies or rice krispie treats, and we'd all sit down in the kitchen and enjoy them together.

Tell us about Casa de Suna's inception. How has the business changed your perspective on family and gathering?

Cooking, hosting, and creating a warm environment at home have always been so important to us as a family. We wanted to share our love of that with our readers and inspire our community to find joy in cultivating a home, too.

Working together with family members has been such a learning experience. We spend so much of our time together now focusing on business! When we gather as a family, we make it a point to disconnect and enjoy each other's company to the fullest.

What culinary or entertaining memory comes to mind when reflecting on your relationship?

Every year, during peak tomato season, we gather in the kitchen for a full day to create our family's secret recipe for a non-traditional HP sauce (a famous British brown sauce made from tomatoes). It's one of our favorite traditions and a time when we get to connect… We've now brought this to life for our Casa de Suna community through our Casa Picosa hot sauce collection.

Anna and Coco, what does self-care look like for you both, and what has your mother taught you about living well overall?

Andy has always taught us about "acts of self-love," as she likes to say. We learned from her that, in order to take care of others, it's important to take care of yourself. Little things like buying yourself fresh flowers, spending time alone with a cup of tea, lighting a candle, putting on a face mask, and sitting in a hot bath are all little self-love practices that she's inspired us to take in our daily lives.

Anna, how has Casa de Suna helped you reimagine your relationship with health and wellness?

Working on Casa de Suna has broadened my perspective on health and wellness immensely. I used to equate those terms with exercise, healthy eating, and sleep, but now I understand that it encompasses so much more than that. Time spent with family, creating a wonderful environment for yourself, and creating moments for others feel like acts of health and wellness to me.

Coco, what have you learned from your mother about cultivating a home that prizes art, décor, and other small details?

She's taught me that art and décor are amazing ways to add warmth and personality to a home—and not to be afraid of color! Happy pops of color around a home can bring so much joy.

Andy, what have you learned to let go of in your motherhood journey?

I have learned to let go of control and trust that my kids will make the right decisions that are aligned with their passions and goals in life.

What new habits or rituals are you building together?

We're all working on a journaling and meditation practice—and holding each other accountable!

What advice do you have for cultivating multigenerational spaces that allow people to slow down and connect?

Be open to other perspectives. Let go of your generational preconceptions and it will inspire others to let go of theirs. And listen! There is so much wisdom that younger people can get from listening to elders (and vice versa). It's so important for allowing relationships to flourish.

Andy, Anna, and Coco's Mother's Day Habits

What’s your biggest tip for hosting a Mother’s Day gathering? Buy some things and make some things! We love to make most of our menu from scratch, but we’re not ashamed to buy some beautiful pastries or a wonderful pie to add to the table to reduce pre-party stress.

What’s on your Mother’s Day celebration menu? Rye Flour Buttermilk Pancakes! We’re doing a brunch.

Who would be on the guest list if you could host the ultimate mother-daughter dinner party? All the generations of mothers and women in our family.

What are the first three songs on your Mother’s Day celebration playlist? We’re into Bossa Nova right now, so we’d go for these three: “O Pato,” “So Danco Samba,” and “Chega de Saudade.”

What are your favorite books or stories about mother-daughter relationships?
Tom Lake by Ann Patchett is such a beautiful reflection on motherly—and sisterly—love. We also loved The Postcard, which was a heavier book but a beautiful story about a mother and daughter working together to uncover what happened to their family during World War II.

Where is your ultimate mother-daughter vacation or getaway spot? A week by the water in Ischia!

What are your top three Casa de Suna Mother’s Day gift picks? A Carola Fra I Trulli Trullo candle—to imbue a gorgeous scent reminiscent of the Italian countryside in your home. An Ordinary Habit puzzle—to piece together as a family. Sophie Lou Jacobsen’s Handle Vase for the fresh flowers in your kitchen.

If you could complete any Ordinary Habit puzzle together, which would it be and why? We’re all obsessed with florals, so Vase of Flowers by Frankie Penwill is definitely a favorite.

What journaling prompt would you give to one another? I am grateful for…