At Ordinary Habit, we believe in the power of slowing down to create space for daily rituals. Our first product—the humble jigsaw puzzle—is a tool we use in our own lives to bring playtime into the every day but also to encourage a form of tactile meditation for any length of time. We love the calm, mental clarity that working on a puzzle supports. As a natural extension of this, we began thinking of ways to assist others in taking time to slow down and notice what's around them. Writing exercises—in journal form—seemed like the perfect progression. 

We've been overwhelmed by journaling at times, whether it's a daunting blank page staring back at us or a systematic set of prompts that felt like pressure instead of relief. Our first-ever journal provides space to pause, take a deep breath, and notice the little things that might get lost in your day. By creating prompts that can be done at any time, in any order, we're cultivating a positive space for gently guided reflection. In slowing down, we reset our minds, and with every product we make, we hope to be able to share that feeling with those around us.