In Conversation with Himadri Pachori - Ordinary Habit

In Conversation with Himadri Pachori

In Conversation with Himadri Pachori - Ordinary Habit

Finding joy in the little things is a habit our team cherishes deeply. It's also something we share in common with the artist Himadri Pachori.

At first glance, one notices Pachori's attention to detail. The vivid quality of her work jumps off the page (or, in this case, puzzle). At the same time, Pachori's penchant for bold colors doesn't detract from quieter moments of connection. In fact, this richness is the perfect backdrop for Pachori to render pure, honest emotion—a central theme in Patchwork of Happiness, one of our latest puzzles. "While working on the 'Patchwork of Happiness,' I had a striking feeling that this is the kind of art I want to continue making in the future," Pachori noted. "I was determined to capture happy moments and memories that have been collected over the years to make one believe in the goodness of life and its simplicity."

If you ask us, it doesn't get much better than that.

What's an ordinary habit that best captures your essence or identity?

Cooking. The infinite possibilities with ingredients amaze me. The calmness and satisfaction of preparing a meal for my family is unmatchable.

What is your personal "definition" of art? How has it changed?

Art means bringing out emotions onto a surface and being able to experience them visually. It has changed from me wanting to draw or paint objects, natural elements, and people that catch my attention to capturing emotions and feelings I experience.

In addition to your artistic practice, you are also an instructor. What have you learned about yourself from teaching art to others?

I learned that I am a good teacher and enjoy teaching children, and they enjoy making art with me. I used to be too critical about my art, but teaching has helped me become a more forgiving person.

As a mother, how do you integrate art into your children's lives? What is the role of creativity in childhood and parenting?

I have been making art and doing creative activities with my boys from a very young age. I find planning and doing art activities on special days and holidays make wonderful memories, too. However, I have realized kids pick up a lot when I am being me and doing my thing. Creativity plays a big role in the foundational years of children and adds magic to childhood. It gives a lot of opportunities for parents to bond with kids and learn new things together.

What has been the most rewarding aspect of partnering with Ordinary Habit?

Seeing how Ordinary Habit has turned puzzle-making into self-care and a relaxing habit for everyone with high-quality products is surely the best part.

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Himadri’s Summer Habits

What mediums do you find yourself working with in the summer? Paint.

What is your favorite summer habit or indulgence? Eating a mango first thing in the morning.

What is your favorite time of day in the summer months? Evening—swimming time.

What is your go-to summer soundtrack? Indie Pop!

What is your preferred summer color palette? Blues.

What do you hope to notice more this summer? More sunrises.

Check out HImadri's Patchwork of Happiness puzzle here.