Sundays with Yelena Bryksenkova - Ordinary Habit

Sundays with Yelena Bryksenkova

For our next installment of Sundays With, we’re joined by Yelena Bryksenkova. Beautifully serene, we were drawn to her work for its calm quietness. Yelena’s work is currently featured on our Herbarium mini 100 piece puzzle.

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Sundays with Ana Jaren - Ordinary Habit

Sundays with Ana Jaren

For this installment, of Sundays With we’re joined by Ana Jaren. Her images delight our senses, and make us smile upon first glance. We immediately got lost in all of the fun details when we first saw her work, and knew it would make a beautiful puzzle. Read on to see how Ana spends her Sundays. 

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Sundays with Carla Llanos - Ordinary Habit

Sundays with Carla Llanos

For our next installment of our Sunday series, we’re joined by Carla Llanos, the artist behind our 500 piece puzzle, Hanging Out. We were drawn to this scene of friendship as soon as we saw it, with its calming colors and cozy vibes. Read on to see how she spends her Sundays resetting for the week.

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Sundays with Asahi Nagata - Ordinary Habit

Sundays with Asahi Nagata

When we first discovered Asahi’s work, we were immediately filled with a sense of childlike curiosity, tracing the patterns and seeing the pictures come together piece by piece. Almost like puzzles themselves, we knew her artwork would be the perfect fit for Ordinary Habit, and Himawari has quickly become a favorite. We caught up with Asahi to see how she spends her Sundays.

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Sundays with Phoebe Gormley - Ordinary Habit

Sundays with Phoebe Gormley

When we first discovered Phoebe Gormley, we were in awe. She revolutionized Saville Row in London as the first exclusively women's tailor, focusing on investment pieces for women in a world of fast-fashion. We caught up with her to see how she spends her Sundays.

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Sundays with Lida Ziruffo - Ordinary Habit

Sundays with Lida Ziruffo

We first stumbled upon Lida’s work in Magnolia Journal, and immediately fell in love. There was whimsy within the work, but in a quiet way. With muted tones, and luscious scenes, we thought it would be the perfect fit for a puzzle. Based in Orvieto, Italy we caught up with Lida to see how she spends her Sundays.

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Sundays with Manuja Waldia - Ordinary Habit

Sundays with Manuja Waldia

When our friend Farah at One Stripe Chai introduced us to Manuja’s work, it was love at first sight. We were thrilled to include her vibrant celebration of sisterhood al fresco, entitled Troublemakers, in our latest collection of puzzles, and we remain mesmerized by its bold colors and beautiful details. Read on to learn more about how she spends her Sundays in Goa.

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Sundays with Kate Arends of Wit & Delight - Ordinary Habit

Sundays with Kate Arends of Wit & Delight

For years we’ve been fans of Kate, and the world she’s created at Wit & Delight. Started in 2014, Kate began publishing personal essays about her life, design, travel, and everything in between. She lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with her extroverted husband, Joe Peters, son August, daughter Bennett, and their sweet English labrador, Winnie Bear.

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Sundays with Ashley Streicher - Ordinary Habit

Sundays with Ashley Streicher

Sundays With is a monthly series that will highlight the routines, habits, and rituals of folks in the Ordinary Habit community. We’ll be exploring what helps them close out their week, and get ready for what’s ahead. We’re joined by Ashley Streicher, one of the most sought-after hair stylists in the industry.

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